Our systems enable the collection, retention, and analysis of voice, video, email, call data records, websites visited, call data records and historical location, including, other data transmitted over fixed, mobile and satellite communications networks. Using the most advanced technologies, high-performance software engineering, database fusion development, we support the interception of each and every communication platform. We assure stealth monitoring that is not discoverable by any of the targets or their devices. Our solutions - analyze and process data the extracted using innovative methodologies for real-time extraction and monitoring online or offline.

Interception of comunications and data
Global geolocation of mobile telephones
Interception and IMSI catcher in native 4G
Open Source Inteligence (OSINT) and social media engineering
Deanonymizer of social chat platforms and social media
Deep Packackage Inspection (DPI) and data analysis

We also provide consultancy and/or contractor services to national security, intelligence, military, border forces, prosecutors, police and public safety agencies.