Our systems and solutions enable the collection, retention, and analysis of voice, video, email, call data records, websites visited, call data records and historical location, including, other data transmitted over fixed, mobile and satellite communications networks. Using the most advanced technologies, high-performance computer systems engineering, database fusion development, and our analysis software, we support the interception of each and every communication platform. We assure stealth monitoring that is not discoverable by any of the targets or their devices. Our systems and solutions - analyze and process data the extracted using innovative methodologies for real-time extraction and monitoring online or offline.

Pirata - remote cybernetics monitoring of mobile devices and computers

The remote strategic system allows clandestine access to data stored on mobile devices and/or PCs. There are several infection vectors that collect information directly from targets. It can be managed remotely. The transmission of data to the server is monitored to ensure that the targets do not have any instability in the use of devices. The transmitted data is encrypted with mil-spec encryption algorithms. The communication protocols we deploy, anonymize and protect the identity of the analysts.

Tiburón and/or Neptuno - global geolocation of any conneceted device

The global geolocation system is used to discreetly track GSM and/or CDMA mobile subscribers that are on 2G / 3G / 4G all over the world. The system allows users to detect where the mobile phone is located within the country or abroad. The use of the system is simple in three steps: user authorization, mobile phone input or mobile terminal data, the system delivers target coordinates and location(s). Each location query is hidden on the network. Additional modules allow analysts to obtain more information on the target(s).

Mantarraya - HUMINT virtual avatar infiltracion of social media

We have formulated infiltration and monitoring technologies. The technology provides the following general capabilities: powerful data collection / tracking and integration with phishing and exploitation techniques; data exploration, discovery and link analysis; avatar generation and management; de-anonymizing targets; management of events and alerts in real-time. The system provides full support for large-scale surveillance operations in both open and closed networks, over-the-top instant messaging, deep web & dark web.

Recruitment and Affiliates:

Defentek is comprised of various divisions, primarily: the development of systems for national security informatics and intelligence. All the divisions are made up of specialists, encompassing computer science engineers, telecommunications engineers, tactical and/or strategic interception and surveillance software developers.

We provide training to national security and intelligence agencies, militaries, border patrol, prosecutors, police, public security and emergency services personnel.
In addition, we provide advisory and/or contractor services to governmental entities.