Who are we...

The intelligence informatics platforms that we develop are the result of the effective fusion of information technology (IT) and the discipline of engineering avant-garde systems, enhanced with robust telecommunications hardware and advanced software applications. Our systems have the ability to intercept all communications, accurately determine the signal source and its location anywhere in the world. We develop cognitive systems that are accurate and easy to use. Our systems are military specifications technology, specifically designed with vast advantages, such as, easy utilization and effectiveness in the life cycle of intelligence and investigations.

From a unified platform to a standalone solution, our technologies support passive, non-intrusive surveillance on a wide range of networks and cyber-offensive capabilities. Simultaneously, our solutions and systems can de-anonymize identities and collect specific data from social networks, voice, SMS, emails, internet use, passwords, etc. Including geolocation in real-time nationally or internationally.

Corporation established in 2012


Satelite offices

Puerto Rico and Federal District of Mexico City

Registration Data / Numbers

CAGE-NCAGE: SLGH0 / DUN: 816813677